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Apr 30, 2021

Caraval is a captivating story that will have readers desperate for more with its unique, lovely plot. Scarlett’s father has arranged her marriage, and she thinks her dreams of seeing the legendary Caraval, a show that involves the audience in an adventurous situation, are dead. However, that very year, an invitation arrives and Scarlett, with her younger sister Tella, sneaks off with the help of a sailor to the Caraval. Upon arrival, her sister is taken by the master and Scarlett desperately tries to win the show to get back her sister. Throughout this jam-packed story, there is the underlying romance without which the story would be incomplete. I 100% recommend this to anyone looking for an enchanting story full of adventure.

Apr 16, 2021

Scarlett Dragna is bound to marry a man she’s never met, just because her father wants her to. So both Scarlett and her sister, Donatella leave their father’s island to take part in a popular performance called Caraval. When they arrive, Donatella is suddenly kidnapped and Scarlett is forced into a game to get her sister back. Playing the game to its fullest, Scarlett is determined to get her sister back by being the first to find her.
I had no idea this book existed until my brother introduced it to me. When I read it, I was surprised at how the world Stephanie Garber created, worked. There was magic and mystery, something that was entertaining. I recommend reading this book if you want something that keeps you entertained, or company, as a person would.

pacl_teens Apr 12, 2021

"Enter the world of Caraval, a yearly performance where those invited play to solve riddles hidden throughout the game. The prize is a wish. After years of requesting tickets from the game-organizer, a man who calls himself Legend, Scarlett Dragna receives three tickets. Betraying her cruel father, she and her dearest sister, Tella, leave their island with the help of a sailor named Julian. Soon after arriving at Caraval, Scarlett realizes that her sister has been taken away by Legend. Now, Scarlett must navigate her way through the twisty, magical world of Caraval if she wants any hope of finding her sister. She must win the game.
I loved being transported into this magical world through vivid descriptions where I never quite knew what was real, and what was just a performance. I enjoyed the setting, a lot, and the plot-twist at the end was perfect. The scenes in this book were unique, and there were many fictional components that I have never seen before. The only part I disliked was that there were some minor plot-holes, and the protagonist had some character flaws.
But overall, I would recommend this book, (and the entire trilogy), to teens and adults who enjoy fantasy and would like to enter a very interesting world." - Grace, Grade 8

Mar 13, 2021

For fear of giving anything away, I will not tell you too much about this book. However, I will say with absolute confidence that you will never guess the ending. Garber does an excellent job of circumventing your every expectation in the story, not giving you what you expect, but always giving you what you need. Using the colorful backdrop of Caraval, Garber is able to weave a fantastical game of intrigue that will leave you with far more questions than answers. Where is Donatella? What is Julian really after? And who in this world is Legend?

WPL_Erin Mar 12, 2021

Really loved this! Such a unique idea and a vibrant and colourful story.

Mar 05, 2021

Despite this being a book for the "younger" amongst us, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I devoured it. It definitely gives you pause to think about your OWN life, our inner Tella and Scarlett, and our lives, and situations in our lives which can at time mirror Caraval. With the author's descriptive phrases I truly felt the magic in the book and at times wished Caraval were REAL. A dress for 5 secrets? Or another trinket for 2 days of your life. Sugar cubes that give you strength, or silver sheets of rain. Air that is sweet. I can't wait to read the other two books in the series.

LoganLib_Sheridan Jan 09, 2021

I love this world of magic and it's only the beginning. The line between reality and imagination is so thin and blurred. There are very few rules in this world and everything comes at a cost that can't be paid in money.

The relationship between the sisters is shown without having them together for most of the book. We follow Scarlett the 'boring' sister who wants stability and safety which gives us an interesting perspective as she travels through a chaotic world in an attempt to save her sister. This book shows the power of sisterly love.

The sisters are trying to escape their father who is controlling and abusive and have very different ideas about what the best way is to do this. Scarlett thinks her arranged marriage will save her but Tella disagrees and makes her own plans.

I love the tension between Julian and Scarlett, as you can see that he is hiding something (because everyone has a secret in this game) yet he keeps being drawn back to her. In the end his secrets are revealed and they are kind of bombshells but don't end up coming between the couple.

This book explores a lot about ethics as you see bystanders who see something bad happening but do not do anything to stop it. This is most seen in Scarlett's fiancee. He may not be a terrible man like her father but he won't stop the terrible men.

The book is just one constant stream of adrenaline as the stakes continue to increase throughout each step of the game.

Dec 13, 2020

Caraval by Stephanie Garber is a fantastic novel, filled with a blend of fairytale and romance. It follows the journey of Scarlett Dragna, our 17 year old protagonist living on the Conquered Isle of Trisda. After years of writing to the great Caraval master Legend in hopes of attending the extraordinary game that grants winners a magical reward, Scarlett’s letters are answered. She dreams of winning, and saving her sister Tella Dragna and herself from their abusive father. Much to her surprise, she finds out that this year’s game revolves around finding a kidnapped Tella. If she finds her sister, any wish she wants will be granted. If not, she’ll lose everything dear to her. Caraval is one of my favorite books. I adore the in depth descriptions of all things otherworldly, and you can easily imagine the entire layout of Caraval as you read. Reading this book is like digging your fork into a delightful cake, beautifully decorated on the outside, and even more decadent and rich on the inside. One of the best parts of this book is the gut wrenching plot twists that really make you question everything you know about the story. For the few critiques I have: some of the characters may seem a bit cliche at times, and the romance trope is very predictable. However, I find that cliche isn’t always a bad thing. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre! Oh and be sure to keep in mind, as the members of Caraval will remind you upon entry, it’s all just a game. Or is it?

Dec 08, 2020

The protagonist Scarlett Dragna is swept into a magical game called Caraval, which she will win if she manages to solve all of the clues and find her sister Donatella. Along the way, Scarlett faces lies and sacrifices and discovers the darker parts of the game. I really enjoyed this book, especially the ending. The plot twists were incredible, and I loved the vivid writing and characters. This series might be one of my favorites! If you enjoy reading fantasy and adventure, you’ll probably love it too!

This book has become one of my favorite books of all time because it was so engrossing!!! Caraval follows the story of a responsible, somewhat uptight character named Scarlet and her quest to find and save her sister, Donatella, by competing in the infamous game of Caraval. She, along with the help of a handsome sailor named Julian, need to solve a series of clues that will lead her to her sister who has been kidnapped by Legend, the mastermind organizer of the game. I honestly loved every single thing about this book, including the character and relationship development, romance, mystery, magic, and adventure. Not to mention plot twists! One of my favorite things about this novel was Garber's writing style because of how descriptive and magical it was! It felt as if I could imagine every single thing in the book, which greatly enhanced the experience of reading it! I could barely put the book down and would strongly recommend it to everyone out there!

Dec 04, 2020

I absolutely loved reading Caraval from beginning to end! The main protagonist, Scarlett, was a brilliant character who plays the game, Caraval, in order to save her sister from the infamous organizer, Legend. Scarlett tries to figure out the clues given in order to reach her sister first and finish the game with the help of a sailor, Julian. I think all of the characters were really well developed and their experiences were fascinating as they explored the world of Caraval. I especially enjoyed reading about the magic and mysteries of the game, as well as the many secrets and plot twists throughout the book. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy, magic, and adventure!

Nov 30, 2020

What an extraordinary tale. I loved every single description the author uses to enhance the setting and characters. As Scarlett traveled through Caraval, an annual magical competition, I could feel my enchanted self walking through the game with her. On the search to find her sister, Donatella, Scarlett works with Julian to solve the five clues provided to each participant of the competitive game. My personal favorite part of the book was watching Scarlett’s character and relationships develop, specifically that with Julian. Ultimately, with touches of romance and adventure, this fantastic book will capture your dreams and imaginations.

Nov 08, 2020

This book is spectacular! One of the most magical books I’ve read!

Sep 03, 2020

This is truly the most magical book I’ve ever read in my life. I binge-read the entire series in two days. Caraval is a wild experience for both the characters and readers alike. It’s Gillian Flynn meets Lewis Carroll….well sort of. Once I started this book, I found myself unable to pull myself away from its captivating pages. Very few books have taken me from its page into its landscape, and Caraval certainly did. I still ponder the ending of the series long after reading it. Stephanie Garber is truly a magician. Experience the magic, read Caraval.

I'm really glad that I can say I really enjoyed this book. I read it at a super busy time and sometimes that's hard because I couldn't sit down and just read, and it made the middle third seem a lot slower than it probably actually was, but by the third act I was fully hooked and I really enjoyed it. Julian was a love interest that was SO WELL WRITTEN, I'm still swooning, and what a cool world. Completely incomparable to stories like the Night Circus, Caraval was totally original and I really liked it.

Apr 23, 2020

This book was full of such magical whimsy. But it was dark. I loved pretty much every bit of it. I instantly fell for the characters and wanted the romance to work with every fiber of my being. At times Caraval felt like a fantastical thriller. There were twists and turns I had no idea were coming. Can’t wait to read Legendary.

Feb 04, 2020

A wonderful, unique book. Despite being set in the third person, I felt like I knew Scarlett very well. Twists and turns kept you guessing at every page. Reminded me a little of Alice in Wonderland, but more-so a grown-up version of Enid Blyton's Faraway Tree, which I absolutely loved as a child. The ending felt a bit rushed to me but definitely excited to read more!

Oct 31, 2019

This is my favorite series, I love everything about this book and the ones that follow it.
I thought it was a very unique setting and concept. I love the characters and the adventure they go on is very intriguing. Found myself wondering what was going to happen through the whole book and couldn't wait to continue the series.

Sep 25, 2019

An intriguing and emotional book that follows sisters through a coming of age story. Scarlet has been writing to Master Legend of Caraval for years trying to get the chance to play the game for her sister Donatella. Finally, they get an invitation! Scarlet quickly learns to be careful what you wish for. But Legend has warned her don't get too swept up in the game, everything is pretend. A rollercoaster of feels that grabs the reader and holds them straight to the end. Ending with a cliffhanger a perfect set up for the coming novel.

Jul 15, 2019

The book is very intriguing, with all of its romance, mystery, and a little horror. This is my kind of book!

Jul 15, 2019

I brought this book at an airport before going on a long plane ride......It's stayed my favourite book ever since
I loooovvveeeee it!!💋

May 28, 2019

1st book in Caraval Series

Dec 12, 2018

This book was such a disappointment. The protagonist Scarlet is a very flat, tell-don't-show character, and the "villains" are lifeless. The word crafting can be lovely, but nothing can dress up a such a bland, predictable cast of characters and plot points.

Every discovery is convenient, and the struggles are painfully dull. It was a poor reproduction of some popular YA tropes that were well received in more successful books (The Lunar Chronicles and The Hunger Games) with a hint of longing toward being the next The Night Circus.

Overall, the book failed to deliver on its many promises as one of the most highly anticipated YA novels of the year.

JCLShannonG Dec 04, 2018

The perfect combination of magic and mystery. It was action-packed and kept me guessing. I loved this one!

Oct 05, 2018

I really enjoyed this book. The author did a wonderful job of developing the characters and describing the magic of Caraval in a way that makes you feel like you are there. There are a lot of plot twists that keep you guessing until the very end.

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