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Ginny Moon

Book - 2017
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Jun 18, 2019

Ludwig does an amazing job taking us inside Ginny Moon's world. Ginny is living with her Forever Mom and Forever Dad when the imminent appearance of a Forever Baby Sister awakes memories of Ginny's Baby Doll. Was her Baby Doll a real baby? Will Ginny be able to reunite with her birth mother Gloria and make sure Baby Doll is okay? It was a frustrating read at times. You want to tell Ginny not to put glue on her teacher's chair. You want to advocate for Ginny, but ultimately she has to learn to do that for herself. Will she? Readers who enjoyed "The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night" will also find this book to be a compelling read.

Nov 07, 2018

This book was one of the most fascinating, interesting books I have read in a long while. It is very well written and the author takes you right into the frustration of Ginny who cannot always express herself correctly as well as into the angst her parents have in trying to handle a very delicate situation. I read it in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. It is a must read!

Dec 31, 2017

I didn't want to put this down - not only does it provide a fascinating insight into the world of the autistic person, but the story line itself quickly draws you in. An amazing book.

Nov 15, 2017

Ginny Moon gives you a peek into a world not many of us have ever encountered. It was beautifully written.

Nov 02, 2017

In his acknowledgments, Ludwig wrote that one of his hopes in writing the book was to give a voice to people who might have trouble self-advocating. I believe that his hope is realized.
It takes until the middle of the book, p 177, for Ginny to communicate with her Forever Dad an important clue to her childhood. And, it slowly changes things.

alaude Jul 24, 2017

Ludwig has offered up a rare debut, told from the perspective of an autistic teen in foster care. After finally being placed in a forever home, Ginny becomes obsessed with finding her way back to her mother, despite the years of abuse she endured. It is only midway through the year, but I am certain that this book will be a favorite of 2017.

Jun 26, 2017

I don't know how to rate this - it was good and kept me turning pages, but I didn't enjoy reading it because of the choices and actions of the people in Ginny's life. The strength of this novel is Ginny's voice; it feels authentic and seeing things from her point of view helps the reader to understand her and feel invested in the outcome of her story.
Perhaps a good choice for a book club or a buddy-read with a friend as there is a lot to talk about in this one.

Jun 22, 2017

My favorite book of the year! Mesmerizing, heartwarming, and a total page-turner. Ginny, a 14-year-old girl with autism and developmental disabilities, narrates life with her "forever family" after being taken from her birth mother. It stretched my understanding, perspective, and expectations. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Cynthia_N Jun 13, 2017

Wow! Ludwig put me inside Ginny's head and it felt so real! It's difficult to get across how powerful this story was without spoilers but I'm going to try! Ginny is autistic and was abused/neglected by her birth mother. She was removed from the home when she was nine. I started to despise her Forever mother and father (mostly the mother) but understandably because I could see inside Ginny's head and they couldn't. Emotional ending that wasn't what I would have chosen but fit perfectly. Highly recommended!

Jun 06, 2017

Such a good story! All I could think about was getting back to the book to find out what is happening in Ginny's life now. She's a teenaged autistic girl who had a very difficult beginning but seems to have settled well with her adoptive family except for one obsession she just can't let go. Very interesting and well written.

Jun 04, 2017

I kept wanting to find a connection with Ginny throughout the story but it felt like I "just missed" every time. I don't feel that this novel depicts the thinking of an autistic child so much as what we ("typical" people) want to think an autistic person would think like. A quote at the end of the book perhaps sums it up best when he says "if you know one child with autism, then you know one child with autism". In other words they are as individual as anyone else and writers too often make assumptions and generalizations about them that are not accurate. I have a person in my life who is on the autistic spectrum and also 15 years old who is nothing whatsoever like the Ginny in this book. Ginny is shown to be manipulative, a liar and a thief. I don't believe that's generally true of autistic people but rather they are extremely naive and trusting and easily taken advantage of. I think the "forever Mom" Maura was a poor candidate to become an adoptive mother - she comes across as too immature to be trusted in that role.

GarsonLibraryTina Jun 03, 2017

There was a lot of good hype about this novel, and I really, really wanted to love it as much as the critics did, but I didn't. I liked it, but overall, it fell a little flat for me. I'm not even certain what the reason was - I liked the character, Ginny, but I really didn't connect with her. (Perhaps this was intentional on the author's part, since in the story Ginny has a hard time connecting with the people around her.) I enjoyed reading about Ginny's journey through foster care and living with her "Forever Family", but I wish the author would have shown more growth of Ginny's character during the novel. In the end, I thought the story ended quite abruptly, and while Ginny seems to be turning a bit of a corner and discovering, to a small degree, where she belongs, it just wasn't enough character development for me. At the end of the novel, I couldn't help thinking that Ginny would likely resort to her same antics again.

Jun 02, 2017

Great debut novel. The voice of this story is a 14 year old autistic girl who is trying to return to her old life so that she can care for her missing "baby doll". Misunderstandings between her and he adopted parents lead to attempts by Ginny to get herself "kidnapped" back to her former live to are for her "baby doll". Ginny's quest become more important to her when a baby enters her forever home and she does not understand her forever parent's attitude to her and her relationship to the baby. Points out the problems that can come about when a child or adult is unable to totally express themselves to others due to their autism and to be able to have a full understanding of emotions and her surroundings. Ginny is a very interesting character that evolves through out her journey that is filled with disturbing incidents. coming from her desires to find and help her baby doll that she had to leave when she was taken from her abusive home 5 years ago.

May 02, 2017

What a terrific debut! Ginny Moon is a character like no other. You'll root for her on every page.

Mar 10, 2017

This is a captivating, character-driven story about a 14-year-old autistic girl who comes into her own after suffering through an abused past and a series of foster homes. Her constant worry about the fate of her “baby doll” propels her into one problematic incident after another, creating difficulties in her new “forever family”. Ludwig has created a cast of credible characters in a compelling tale of two families that are vastly different.

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