If you like vampire books and love a strong main heroine, this might be the book for you.
But be warned- not everyone gets a happy ending. And the bad endings can get pretty gruesome.
Allison has been living her whole life as in the Outskirts of a Vampire city, living as an Unregistered and fighting to find food each and every day rather than allow the vampires of the city to take her blood. She hates the vamp overlords with a passion, and each horror scream in the night or terrifying story of taken loved ones does nothing but fuel that hate. But she's stuck, tied down with her gang, trapped between the predators of the Inner City and the Rabids that lie in wait around the city's barrier. She dreams of a human revolution, one that might spring up if she can get more and more people to learn how to read despite the illegality of owning books. She longs for a day when she doesn't have to be cattle for something else, where there's enough food to not feel the constant ache of hunger through every living moment. When her regular food haunts turn up empty, she decides to make the trip outside the city walls. Leaving in the daylight, she's safe from the Rabids but danger still lurks. Searching the ruins of a past life, Allison seems to find the answer her silent prayers, and her dreams start turning into hopes. With everything going perfectly, she should have known it would all come crashing down. When a food raiding party goes horrifically wrong, Allison is left with an incredibly choice. Either die and become a Rabid, or die and have the chance to become a Vampire. One of the creatures she despises most. Desperate to hold on to any semblance of life, she agrees to be changed, and join the realm of the living dead.
The start of her undead life is just the beginning as plot twists, betrayals, and monstrosities collide before Allison's eyes as she tries to discover what kind of monster she wants to be.
Good book, I do like Kagawa's writing a lot and think Allison is an awesome BA character. Don't read if you have a weak stomach, this book isn't afraid to get graphic.

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