I love this world of magic and it's only the beginning. The line between reality and imagination is so thin and blurred. There are very few rules in this world and everything comes at a cost that can't be paid in money.

The relationship between the sisters is shown without having them together for most of the book. We follow Scarlett the 'boring' sister who wants stability and safety which gives us an interesting perspective as she travels through a chaotic world in an attempt to save her sister. This book shows the power of sisterly love.

The sisters are trying to escape their father who is controlling and abusive and have very different ideas about what the best way is to do this. Scarlett thinks her arranged marriage will save her but Tella disagrees and makes her own plans.

I love the tension between Julian and Scarlett, as you can see that he is hiding something (because everyone has a secret in this game) yet he keeps being drawn back to her. In the end his secrets are revealed and they are kind of bombshells but don't end up coming between the couple.

This book explores a lot about ethics as you see bystanders who see something bad happening but do not do anything to stop it. This is most seen in Scarlett's fiancee. He may not be a terrible man like her father but he won't stop the terrible men.

The book is just one constant stream of adrenaline as the stakes continue to increase throughout each step of the game.

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