"Enter the world of Caraval, a yearly performance where those invited play to solve riddles hidden throughout the game. The prize is a wish. After years of requesting tickets from the game-organizer, a man who calls himself Legend, Scarlett Dragna receives three tickets. Betraying her cruel father, she and her dearest sister, Tella, leave their island with the help of a sailor named Julian. Soon after arriving at Caraval, Scarlett realizes that her sister has been taken away by Legend. Now, Scarlett must navigate her way through the twisty, magical world of Caraval if she wants any hope of finding her sister. She must win the game.
I loved being transported into this magical world through vivid descriptions where I never quite knew what was real, and what was just a performance. I enjoyed the setting, a lot, and the plot-twist at the end was perfect. The scenes in this book were unique, and there were many fictional components that I have never seen before. The only part I disliked was that there were some minor plot-holes, and the protagonist had some character flaws.
But overall, I would recommend this book, (and the entire trilogy), to teens and adults who enjoy fantasy and would like to enter a very interesting world." - Grace, Grade 8

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