The Ballad of the Songbirds & Snakes shows us the life of young Corolanious Snow. Yep! This book is about President Snow, as a teen. It explains to us why he turns out the way he is.
The book shows us a love story between Snow, and another girl from District 12, Lucy Gray Baird.
By the end of the story, we see how power and pride can change a person.

We get to see how the Hunger Games are formulated, how the authorities make it more interesting for the citizens of the Capital - and a lot of it is from Snow's ideas.
We meet the character, that I think, personally, shaped President Snow - Dr. Gaul.

We realize why the Capital likes the Hunger Games, because they think they suffered a lot in the war, they don't realize the Districts had suffered too.

Remember Tigris from Mockingjay? Well, she's in this story too - and if you've read the other books already, it's a surprising position she's in now, compared to later, in the Mockingjay novel.

The book is a bit slow at times, but nonetheless, I enjoyed it well! :)

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