Three brothers come together after the death of their father on a “spiritual” journey in India. Every character is incredibly unique and their mindsets are explored throughout the movie. Additionally, their relationships are detailed and explored through symbolism and conversation.
- @spaghettibro of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Three estranged brothers reunite with the planning of the oldest brother Francis and journey across India to become closer and find their mother after the passing away of their father. Unique characters each with their own quirks, this starts out as a light-hearted Wes Anderson movie, a trio of brother traveling and talking about what troubles them. For example, Francis is recovering from a motorcycle accident, which we later learn was a suicide attempt, Peter is feeling conflicted about becoming a father and Jack is an aspiring writer who is trying to get over his girlfriend. The particular cinematography was great along with the movie's color scheme and 'The Kinks' inspired soundtrack, the film is really moving.
- @Florence of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

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