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Somanybooks11 added a title to their In progress shelf May 12 2021
Daya Wijesinghe sees a bruise as a mixture of comfort and control, but joining a roller derby team push her toward big truths about love, loss, strength, and healing.
Somanybooks11 added a title to their In progress shelf May 11 2021
Mary, a troubled teenage detective, must solve a missing persons case as she discovers the reimagined origins of infamous Disney Villains.
Somanybooks11 moved a title to their Completed shelf May 11 2021
Every day in chemistry class, high school student and aspiring songwriter Lily Abbott is finding notes left to her by a mystery boy, love letters really, and she hopes they are from Lucas, a boy she is attracted to--so when she finds out they are...
Somanybooks11 made a comment May 11 2021
"Basically, a love story that is realistic but might not happen. I did love Lilly, she is a protagonist that is amazing but I could never see Cade as someone that would be somewhat like her. I guess that's why this story is what it is." Permalink
Somanybooks11 rated a title May 11 2021
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