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LCPL_Vivian created a list Apr 20 2021
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"Don't like to stray too far away from your favorite stories? Here are some books that have the similar topics / themes, but they're written by different authors."
LCPL_Vivian made a comment Apr 06 2021
"A psychological drama about a first-time mother who doesn't feel a connection with her baby girl, Violet. When tragedy takes over the family after she has her baby boy, Sam, the family falls apart. Blythe and her husband separate, and Violet becom..." Permalink
LCPL_Vivian rated a title Apr 06 2021
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LCPL_Vivian made a comment Mar 25 2021
"The Paris Library is a historical fiction story based around the American Library in Paris, which is still up and running today. The community and family dynamics were interesting, but the story didn't pique my interest. I'd suggest it if you're l..." Permalink
LCPL_Vivian rated a title Mar 25 2021
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