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Mar 03, 2020Chapel_Hill_MaiaJ rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Fans who loved Divergent will certainly love this one, too, and readers who aren't familiar with Roth's YA novels will be attracted by her trademark dark explorations of character psychology and big ideas in the midst of nefarious conspiracies and action-packed adventure. Chosen Ones is a dark sci-fi/fantasy chimera of brokenness and impossible wants, anger and pain, mercy and healing. The premise of this story is compelling in its uniqueness: what happens to the teens who saved the world after the world is saved? How do they live their lives in the spotlight while struggling to overcome the trauma of what they experienced? And what happens when it becomes clear that the world needs saving once again? This story begins where most end, and I was sold from the moment I read the description. The psychological landscape of these heroes' lives is the forefront of the story, but the real gem of the writing is the world-building. Absolutely believable and effortlessly woven in. When the plot twists and turns, you're swept along for the ride without a second thought.