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Sep 27, 2020Bored_with_Library rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
1. After seeing this 2020 DVD movie "BAD BOYS FOR LIFE", become available at Public Library [in my opinion] thought it would be something special to request, on my Library Account What a disappointment !!!!!. For this entire 2hr 4min "movie". You should "AT LEAST" skip to 1hr 5min time; because before that all the actors/actresses DO " IS TALK", no ACTION SCENES. / 2. THE MAJORITY of the "BAD BOYS FOR LIFE" entire movie - is about Miami Police detectives going through a > MID-LIFE CRISIS ""starred [ONLY WILL SMITH - Miami detective Mike Lowrey]"", because HE IS MORE WELL KNOWN over Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence). / 3. While listening to Mike and Marcus talking in BAD BOYS FOR LIFE; I probably UNDERSTAND NOW why this DVD movie was Rated "R" for especially "SWEAR WORDS LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT - evey swear word you know is spoken REPEATLY" / 4. YOU DO NOT NEED TO WASTE TIME watching 12minutes SPECIAL FEATURES after DVD movie ended, BECAUSE IT IS SHOWN AUTOMATICALLY, as the movie ended. And the Special Features are pretty stupid - It shows SUPER-SHORT CLIPS behind a Green Screen. / 5. There is no reason to discuss ANY OTHER ACTORS/ACTRESSES in my review of this 2020 DVD movie, because I rarely saw anyone else, until the later portion while watching. This BAD BOYS "WHATTA YOU GONNA DO" - I am glad I DID NOT PAY MONEY in the Movie Theather. In the original 2000-Bad Boys and 2003-Bad Boys 2, acting roles were shared - since both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence; had just started to be in leading movie roles. ..... I would have been so angry, since I enjoyed when both Movie Roles where shared before in 2000 and 2003 movies, AND THOSE PREVIOUS VERSIONS were MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE.