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Nov 05, 2020LauraSteinert rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
Imagine spending a week in an off the grid cabin. Nothing outside but the outhouse, a hand pump well, and miles and miles of "nature." Now imagine that you are stranded, and you are with Sheldon Cooper in one of his most manic phases. That is how I experienced this book. Robinson was preaching to the choir for much of the book (who doesn't hate the top 1% and wish they'd just die and give the planet a chance?) But by page 200, it became a challenge to me to be able to say I read the whole thing. I had to prove I have the stamina (to not kill Sheldon with my bare hands. I mean finish the book). The "facts" may be an accurate prediction of how bad this will become, but they are tedious and just slow the book down. The personal rants inserted as short chapters was probably cathartic, but I have my own rants to deal with. And skipping all over two decades without giving any hint to when something was happening got really annoying. IF the 563 pages had been edited down to 400, this would have been brilliant.