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Dec 29, 2020ChrisMcMil rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Kim Stanley Robinson has again woven a compelling story of great depth and consequence. The premise is simple and should be of serious interest to everyone: anthropogenic climate change and our apparent collective inability to effectively deal with it using the existing political-economic structures. He appears to have done a great deal of research into the many diverse aspects of this existential problem. He skillfully uses this knowledge, along with his formidable story-telling skills, to both inform and entertain, by employing a diverse and engaging cast of characters to bring the issues into a relatable human context. Along the way his characters struggle with many serious challenges that are extremely relevant, and their discussions and actions help us to better understand the issues. While it is ultimately an optimistic scenario, it is also realistic in depicting the innumerable hardships along the way and the price that many will have to pay.