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Apr 07, 2021LoganLib_Sheridan rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Oh my god these books! We get to hear from Hoa (which was amazing - the whole thing is from him but you know what I mean!), Essun and Nassun. Everything just seems to come a bit more together and I finally felt like I knew who was on what side. I'm not sure I like Nassun's morals/ethics or ideas of friends. She has seriously gone through a lot though and I just hope she can live in peace for a bit and be a child again, maybe with some nice children friends? Essun however has chosen friends exceptionally well so like maybe Nassun should look to her for guidance. I love how Essun is basically forced to bond with and care about people in this book because that's the only way Essun is going to make friends. *** SPOILER *** Essun's sexuality and fertility is interesting to me as an infertile asexual. She just seems to be getting together and having children left right and center and I'm like girl really, you haven't learnt by now? Don't you want some peace? You're in the middle of apocalyptic events! Her relationship with Lerna seemed quite redundant as does the resulting pregnancy as she turns into a stone eater and then Hoa seems very interested in her but when she asks for a DTR (define the relationship) he's pretty vague. Also like, is she going to tell Nassun that she's alive in some form? Also Alabaster, now that his job of teaching Essun has just kind of gone off into the void. He's been through all that other stuff with her and I don't expect them to be in a sexual relationship with her but damn!