Apr 14, 2021Bored_with_Library rated this title 2 out of 5 stars
For this 2020 Library DVD "SCOOB!", I did not enjoy it. In the entire 1hr 33min 40secs; it is a comical imagination; trying to believe that "SCOOBY DOO", is some special character in the movie, but NEVER IS. /// This 2020 DVD, brings back old cartoon characters from the 1960's a)DICK DASTARDLY, b)MUTTLEY, c)BLUE FALCON and d)CAPTAIN CAVEMAN; which never made any sense. IT IS GIVEN A "PG RATING" for: Rude/Suggestive Humor; since most is it was not funny. /// Maybe this was meant to be a Children movie in the 21st Century. But as Adult watching it, giving it 2-STARS out of 5 Library Rating review.