Apr 30, 2021Simba30 rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
The 4th book in Marie Lu’s Legend series is the much awaited conclusion of Day and June’s story, along with a glimpse at the life of Day’s younger brother Eden Wing. Wanting to keep some semblance of the action of his early days, Day picks up a job with the government of Ross City. But Eden is sick of being recognized as Day’s younger brother, and gets sucked into the dark happenings of Ross City. This book provides solace to the many fans of the Legend series, who desperately wanted to know how Day and June’s story would play out, but it is not as exciting as the original 3 books, as Eden’s story is not as intriguing as his brother’s. I would recommend reading this book to those who want to know whether Day and June found peace, but don’t expect it to be an amazing continuation of their story.