May 03, 2021Bored_with_Library rated this title 1 out of 5 stars
First Library Review for: 12 HOUR SHIFT - 2021 DVD: Most of this 1hr 27min 45secs DVD MOVIE, is a reproduction of the 1999 Version; shot in JONESBORO, AR. There was a brief Guest Appearance by WWE WRESTLER "MANKIND" - as everyone knows as MICK FOLEY. /// The ditzy [whimsical] Blond Actress: CHLOE FARNWORTH; made no sense in this OVERHYPED B-RATED movie; where there are NO SCENES of HORROR, THRILLER (as expressed through ROTTEN TOMATOES). - - - - - - - Any 1990 MOVIE with American Actor “DAVID ARQUETTE - 09/08/1971”; has always been a TRUE COMEDY and so was this 2021 VERSION of 12 Hour Shift. /// NOT ONCE, was there a BLOODY SCENE; where I would have to look away - but instead continually going to the next chapter of this least impressive “MAGNOLIA HOME ENTERTAINMENT” DVD movie. With ABOUT “AVERAGE IMDb MOVIE RATING” - it was NOWHERE as exciting as I thought it might be; after reading Public Library summary. - - - - - - - THERE WAS LESS DISPARAGING FEMALE ACTRESSES in this -copyright 2020- Movie. But I do not recall who they were, so I just did not mention them.