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Ten Keys to Reality
May 16, 2021ChrisMcMil rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
Frank Wilczek has done a masterful job of describing the fundamentals of modern science in simple but concise terms, with an emphasis on the theoretical physics that underlie all else, but with artful humour and ample context from a wide array of other disciplines (including art, literature, music, philosophy and even religion). His explanations are at once highly sophisticated and yet easy to follow and absorb. While I imagine it would be accessible to anyone, I expect that it would be most illuminating to readers with at least some background in science. Personally, as someone whose understanding of these foundations was largely locked in at grad school way back in the 1970's (and in serious need of an update!) I found his insight particularly revealing: far more than most books of popular science. It was an absolute joy to read, and now I'll have to check out his other books!