Nov 28, 2021
Morris has crafted a page-turning story and relatable protagonist with her legal thriller (with shades of Get Out and When No One was Watching) All Her Little Secrets. Ellice Littlejohn is used to being the only Black person in the room, especially at work as a corporate lawyer in a corporation well-known for hiring few people of color. When tragedy strikes an executive she was quite friendly with and she inexplicitly finds herself promoted to the highest legal position in the company (albeit with a ton of side-eye thrown her way) she knows this is too fast and too good to be true, and sets about finding out what happened. When hints of her own past and that of those she loves start to surface, and she starts uncovering things well beyond a few corporate shenanigans, she knows she might be in too deep. Littlejohn is a flawed and quite admirable heroine - the best kind. I can't wait to read more from Wanda M. Morris!