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Missing and EndangeredJance, Judith A.BookLPLW JAN
Missing and EndangeredJance, Judith A.Large PrintLGPR JAN
Long Bright RiverA NovelMoore, LizBookMOO
Long Bright RiverA NovelMoore, LizeBook
The 20th VictimPatterson, JamesBookPAT
Killer InstinctPatterson, JamesBookPAT
Killer InstinctPatterson, JamesLarge PrintLPLW LGPR PAT
The 20th VictimPatterson, JamesLarge PrintLGPR PAT
I Know A SecretA NovelGerritsen, TessLarge PrintLGPR GER
The 20th VictimWomen's Murder Club Series, Book 20Patterson, JamesPaetro, MaxineeBook
Killer InstinctInstinct Series, Book 2Patterson, JamesRoughan, HowardeBook
Oath of HonorEason, LynetteBookEAS
With No One as WitnessGeorge, ElizabethBookGEO
The DarknessRagnar JónassonBookRAG
I Know A SecretA NovelGerritsen, TessBookGER
Kindred in DeathRobb, J. D.BookROB
Kindred in DeathRobb, J. D.BookLGPR ROB
The Night FireRenée Ballard Series, Book 3Connelly, MichaeleBook
Oath of HonorEason, LynetteLarge PrintLGPR EAS
Kindred in DeathIn Death Series, Book 29Robb, J. D.eBook
SicarioDay of the SoldadoDVDDVD SIC
KisscutSlaughter, KarinBookPBK M
Dark Sacred NightConnelly, MichaelBookCON
Dark Sacred NightRenée Ballard Series, Book 2Connelly, MichaeleBook
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